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Alessandro Di Cecco is a general law practitioner. His law firm is “Di Cecco Law”  located at 15171 Yonge St., Suite 205,  Aurora, Ontario. Until June 8th, 2012 he was a law partner in the Di Cecco, Jones Law Office. On that date his law partner, Carolyn Jones, was appointed a Justice to the Ontario Court of Justice and Alessandro Di Cecco continued the law practice under the name of Di Cecco Law. He started his law practice in Newmarket in April 1974 as a general law practice with emphasis on litigation. His practice expanded to include Carolyn Jones in 1982. They became law partners in 1984 and they continued their law partnership to June 8th, 2012 when Carolyn Jones was appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice. As a result and as of that date, the law firm name was changed to Di Cecco Law.

Alessandro Di Cecco has continually maintained and kept up-to-date his expertise in many areas of the law from civil and criminal litigation to corporate and business law, from litigation to mediation, from negotiation to dispute resolution, from wills and trusts to estate freezes, and from courts to administrative tribunals.

He has been and, in some cases, continues to be a member of prestigious professional associations such as The Advocates Society, The American Trial Lawyers’ Association, The Canadian Bar Association, and the York Region Law Association.

Through his broad knowledge of the law and interpersonal skills and abilities he has always been a very effective conciliator and problem solver.

Alessandro Di Cecco’s other significant legal achievements include his:

  • having been a Federal Crown Agent in 1978 and again from March 2001 to March 2011;
  • having been a part-time Provincial Assistant Crown Attorney from February 1981 to May 2003; and
  • having been and continuing to be a Deputy Judge of the Small Claims Court, a Branch of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in the Central East Region, regularly sitting in Newmarket and Richmond Hill.

I addition to English, Alessandro Di Cecco is fluent in Italian and French. As well, he makes valiant efforts to communicate and gesture in Spanish and Portuguese and, for that matter, in any other language.

Alessandro was born in the Republic of San Marino, the oldest and smallest republic in the world. Although he left it when still in his infancy, he has always remained fascinated by the many-centuries-old ability of San Marino to have remained the cradle and preserver, in both principle and fact, of universal equality and shared benefit and participation.

Alessandro is a seeker of truth. He is an avid disciple of monetary and economic reform. He aspires to see the end of societal drudgery, the realization of the well-being of humanity, the pull-out of our heads from burial in the sand, and a stop to the inhaling of the prevailing currents of hot air above ground.

He is fractionally inspired to a greater or lesser extent by, among others, such people or sources as Clifford Hugh Douglas, Lyndon Larouche,, Louis Eden,, Jeff Steinberg, Helga Zepp Larouche,, Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok, Thomas B. Bearden, Ann Emmet, Rocco Galati, and

He likes good arguments and paper trail on important topics so as to avoid being misquoted.  As an example, click and view the “REFLECTIONS ON MONETARY AND ECONOMIC REFORM” article.